Fitness/Spa Area Photos

  • Exercise Pool and Hot Tub

Indoor Exercise Pool / Hot Tub Description:  Located in our newest building, relax in a luxurious hot tub with seating for seven (7) or, “get fit” using our Endless Lap Swimming Spa.  An amazing aquatic exercise machine – a virtual underwater gym – that provides an amazing amount of hydrotherapy exercises. Use it to swim laps, of course, and any style you choose, from freestyle to butterfly to backstroke and more. But you can also use the Aquatic Fitness System to walk, jog, run, stretch, strength train and more!  Measurements:  19′ L x 7′ W x  3′ Deep.  Spa and Fitness Area Hours are 8am to 10pm each day.

Fitness Room Description:  Staying fit while traveling can be difficult, but with our first-class fitness center we want to make sure that you feel great wherever you go.  Located in our newest building, our Fitness Room is equipped with a treadmill with incline adjustments, weights, bicycle and other gym equipment.  It also has a large LCD TV for entertainment while you work out!  Fitness Room Hours are 8am to 10pm each day.

Indoor Spa and Fitness Area access requires a code and a one-time fee of $20/condo per stay.